Vertical Openwell Submersibles

  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts.
  • Flatter efficiency curve for efficient operation.
  • Non-overloading power characteristic for safety of motor.
  • Replaceable wearing parts.
  • No need of priming or foot valve.
  • Water shower arrangement for surface application.
  • Highly durable water cooled rewindable motor.
  • Foundation & installation not required.
  • Stainless steel motor body.
  • Gun metal bush bearing.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Maintenance free water lubricated bushes.
Material Of COnstruction
Bowl Fg 260 Grade Cast Iron With Epoxy Coating
Impeller Fg 260 Grade Cast Iron With Epoxy Coating
Suction & Outlet Fg 260 Grade Cast Iron With Epoxy Coating
Motor & Pump Body Fg 260 Grade Cast Iron With Epoxy Coating
Motor & Pump Shaft S.S. 410
Rotor EC Grade Copper
Winding EC Grade Copper With Three Coated Polywrap
Journal Bearing LTB-4
Thurst Bearing Carbon Vs. Self Aligh S.S. 420 Segments
Housing, Connection Plate FG 260 Grade Cast Iron With Epoxy Coating
Technical Specifications
H.P. Range 5.0 H.P. to 10.0 H.P. Single Phase
Operating head Range 28 to 80 Metre
Operating Discharge 370 To 810 LPH / 31.2 To 48.6 m3/h
Operating Voltage Range

300-440 Volts Three Phase

Rated Volts / Frequency 415 Volts +6%∓-15%/50 Hz in Three Phase
Max. Temp. of Liquid 33°C
Max. Permissible amount of sand in the water 20 grams/cubic Metre
Method Of Starting For Three Phase 5.0 H.P. To 7.5 H.P. DOL
10 H.P. Star Delta

# Due to continuous efforts in improvements, information furnished above is subject to change without notice

A combination of multistage centrifugal pump and submersible motor, is designed for applications like:

  • Agriculture water supply
  • Industries water supply
  • Drip and Sprinclur water supply
  • Lift irrigation water supply