Solar Pumps
  • Longer Flex Life.
  • Excellent Mechinacal & Electrical Properties.
  • Good Insulation Properties When Submerged In Water.
  • Excellent Resistance To Moisture, Abrasion, Grees & Oil.
Product Range
H.PController Model
1.0 SP-240
2.0 SP/TP-230
3.0 SP/TP-230
5.0 TP-380
7.5 TP-380
10.0 TP-380

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A combination of multistage centrifugal pump and submersible motor, is designed for applications like:

  • Domestic water supply.
  • High rise buildings water supply.
  • Housing, complexes and bungalows water supply.
  • Gardens, farms and nurseries water supply.